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iPad Slide

SWING mount iPad (2,3,4 ONLY) NOT iPAD 1 or AIR


Product Detail Box - TP2SS

iPad Version 3/2 Compatible with  iPad Version 1 Also Available
The most flexible solution for mounting an iPad. The iPad Slide Swing Mount is the perfect solution for corners, desk tops, under cabinets, or simply where some extra versatility is needed. The tension screws allow for precise movement allowance and the 90º rotation makes it the perfect choice for both landscape or portrait orientation needs.


SLIDE for iPad
The Slide line of tablet mounting solutions is an amazingly flexible solution. The holder allows you to easily pop the iPad in and out and can be reversed to provide screen protection while traveling. The Slide's unique mounting interface allows you to simply slide the iPad on or off of any of your Slide products, so it's easy to take your iPad with you wherever you go.

Ideal Solutions: Around the home, work and home installations, and boating and RV uses.

  • Unique Slide interface for quick slide on/off mounting
  • Easy to pop in/out Slide Holder
  • Pulls out up to 10.75" off the wall
  • View landscape or portrait with 90º rotation
  • Great for corners, desk tops, and under cabinets
  • Tilt, Pan, and Swing motion for adjustability
  • Simple, single stud installation
  • Compatible with Smart Covers

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