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About Mounting

welcome to mounting university

The right mount, for your TV,
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Brick and Masonry


Tools you'll need:

Concrete Tools

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Step 1

Determine the best/appropriate spot for your TV. If you're mounting above a fireplace, make sure you've measured the entire area for your TV so the fitment is perfect.

Fireplace Warning: Be sure to check the temperature of your fireplace during normal use to make sure it's within your TV's operation guidelines. An infrared thermometer is a great choice when measuring the fireplace's surface temperature. Also, it's a good idea to open up some ventilation space and add tilt to your installation, seeing how your TV will likely be high compared to the recommended viewing heights. Our Tilt Mounts are excellent choices for both those issues, compared to other, more flush mounts, that may be too close for comfort.


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Step 2

Find the pattern on your mount for the drill holes, and drill your pilot holes using a concrete/masonry drill bit and preferably an impact drill.

  • USE EYE PROTECTION! Seriously…
  • Make sure you're using the right hardware for the job. We recommend Tapcon® Concrete Screws or Concrete Sleeve Anchors Concrete Screws or Concrete Sleeve Anchors because they're the best option for a variety of materials.
  • When anchoring into brick, try to aim for the mortar joints for a better hold (assuming your mortar joints are in good shape).
  • If you need to mount into the brick itself, aim for the center of the brick. Avoid the edges!
  • When you're done drilling, clear your drill holes of all debris.

Drilling Tip: Watch your hole diameter! For instance, if you were using a 1/4" diameter screw you'd want to use a 3/16" drill bit. For a 3/16" screw, use a 5/32" bit.


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Step 3

If you're using Concrete Sleeve Anchors, tap your anchors in flush to the wall.

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Step 4

Screw on your mount. Done!

  • Don't over-tighten here, you could pull out the anchors! Use a regular screwdriver for safest results.


Still need help?

If you're still not sure on just how to get your TV up, or if you need a specific question answered, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or call us at (888) TV.MOUNT. We've been doing this for a long time and have people on-hand to assist you if you ever have any questions. We strive to make sure that you're always satisfied and confident when mounting Vantage Point mounts, and our friendly Customer Service Team is the best out there.