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Mount Functions

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Mounts serve a wide variety of purposes, so naturally, there is a wide variety of mount functions. Each mount has its own unique traits that make it the right or wrong choice for the job, where many of the higher level mounts perform a variety of functions.

The best thing to do before picking a mount, is to determine your need. Take into account your room and how your TV will be posistioned.

Here’s a breakdown of features you’ll encounter when choosing a mount, as well as their unique benefits:

Mount Function Flat Spacer (25px wide)


Clean, simple, and secure

When all you really want/need is your TV mounted safely to the wall, Flat mounts are the way to go. Easy to install and clean, with plenty of clearance for wires, Flat mounts are a great solution for many installations.

Mount Function Low Profile Spacer (25px wide)


Just shy of not even existing

At only .5” thin, there’s no better choice if slim is what you’re seeking. Any tighter and you’d be better off gluing your TV to the wall. The only factor left to consider is how you’ll handle your wiring in that tight space...

Mount Function Multi-Angle Spacer (25px wide)


Incremental up and down movement

These mounts provide multiple angles of tilt for improve viewing, and also allow a variety of installation options. There’s no better way to get the bang for your buck than with a Multi-Angle mount.

Mount Function Tilt Spacer (25px wide)


Dynamic up and down movement

Tilt mounts are the most common for a reason—they’re very practical. Perfect for eliminating glare and adjusting for the perfect viewing angle, tilting is the function of choice for most mounting situations.

Mount Function Pan Spacer (25px wide)


Dynamic left and right movement

Pan mounts include all the function of Tilt mounts, but add the horizontal axis. Further reducing glare and a great solution for wider seating arrangements—Pan mounts bring full flexibility to your viewing.

Mount Function Swing Spacer (25px wide)


Dynamic horizontal positioning

Perfect for corners and harder to mount places, Swing mounts allow you to horizontally position your entire screen. Get your flat panel off the wall and put it where you want it with a Swing mount.

Mount Function Extend Spacer (25px wide)


Pulls out from your wall, full range of adjustments

The most flexible. Extend mounts pull out from the wall with their double-arm design, and allow for the widest range of movement available. Get your TV off the wall and put it anywhere you’d like—even corners. When you don’t need that unique viewing angle, your TV can fold right back to the wall and free up your space.

Mount Function Level Spacer (25px wide)


Simple, “Picture Frame Leveling”

Making sure that your TV looks level is…fairly important. That’s why it should be easy—as easy as adjusting a picture on your wall. With de-rotation, it is that easy (and word of advice, don’t trust gimmicks like built-in levels on mounts). Also, de-rotation makes it easy to match your room’s appearance, even if “level” doesn’t seem right—it’s most important that your TV “looks” right.

*Level functionality is a secondary ability. You'll never find simply a Level Mount, but you'll find that many of our solutions include Level functionality.

Note: If you see multiple functions on a mount, guess what…you get all of them! Mounts like the Extend line offer all of the functionality of Tilt, Pan, Swing, and Level mounts—with the added features that come from the Extend abilities. Determine your needs, and find your mount fast with this key.