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About Mounting

welcome to mounting university

The right mount, for your TV,
as easy as "1, 2, 3"

Your Best Choice

Mount Finder

Finding the perfect mount for your TV has never been easier, thanks to Vantage Point’s Best Choice Mount Finder. You'll be guided, step-by-step, through the process, until you find the ONE right choice for you. No other mount finder can help you to make the perfect choice, for your situation, every time.


Mount Finder Spotlight 1

Step 1 - What television are you wanting to mount?

First, we need to figure out what you want to mount. There are a few options here that will help you make sure everything is "just right." It's easy to do, with your TV in front of you or not. You can even do this before your TV arrives!

Mount Finder Panel - Television Spacer (25px wide)


It’s as simple as that! Just start typing your TV’s Model #, and if we have it in our database, you’ll see it refined down to you specific model. Remember, there's no need for anything but letters and numbers! Once you see it, just click on it and you're done.


Another easy and more visual way of locating your TV. First you’ll pick your TV Brand (i.e. Samsung, Vizio, Sony…). From there, the Model drop-down will activate and you can select your specific model. Next!


Don’t know your Model #? No worries! This option is perfect if you have your TV in front of you. We can get your TV specs well enough with two easy measurements. Let's take a closer look below…

Easy Measure

If you choose Easy Measure you'll see this alternate panel. What we'll be looking for here will be your TV's Weight and the mounting Hole Pattern on the back of your TV.

Mount Finder Panel - Easy Measure Spacer (25px wide)

TV Weight

Choose your TV’s Weight range. You'll see that it's been broken down to four different ranges. If you're not positive about your TV's exact weight or it's close to the next level, it might be a good idea to lean towards the heavier range. If you have any questions about finding your TV's weight, check our TV Weight section for lots of helpful tips and tricks.

TV Hole Pattern

Next, we'll measure your TV Hole Pattern. Measure the width and height of your mounting holes from the center of the hole. You'll see that the drop-downs have distance ranges to help with any measuring variables. Also, notice the millimeter measurements (inside the parentheses)? That's because TV hole patterns are all metric. That means, if the range you're going to select has something like "(200mm)" behind it, that's a good sign! For more information about your pattern and VESA® standards, check out our TV Hole Pattern section for information and tips.

From here, just select Confirm Measurement and you'll see your Confirmation Panel appear.


Here's a revolutionary idea—why don't we let you see your TV specs so that you can double-check all the information!

Mount Finder Panel - Television Confirm Spacer (25px wide)

Your TV Specs

Once you're done entering in your TV Model or even measuring the TV yourself, you'll see the confirmation panel. If you found your TV in our database you'll see the Make and Model, as well as the screen size, weight, and hole pattern. This is helpful for double-checking if you'd like, and as reference for your Best Choice (we'll get to that later). If you measured your TV, you'll just have the weight and hole pattern confirmations as reference.


Mount Finder Spotlight 2

Step 2 - What would you li ke your TV to do?

Now that we know what you're working with, let's pick what you want to do with it. With the first panel displaying your TV Confirmation, the second panel activates. Here, choose what you want your mount to do for you.

Mount Finder Panel - Function Spacer (25px wide)

Mount Function

The list you’ll get will have all the options available to you. Choose from any of the mount functions available and you’ll be taken to the last panel. If there's a function that's darker and isn't selectable, it means that there's not a mount of that function type compatible with your TV.

If you’re not familiar with the different functions and what they entail, view our Mount Functions section for more details and information.


Check what you've…um…checked!

Mount Finder Panel - Function Confirm Spacer (25px wide)

Your Mount Function

Clicking on a function will choose it and activate the final panel. If you'd like, you can keep clicking around to other functions to see what they can do for you and what they'll cost. The results will be updated in the third panel…


Mount Finder Spotlight 3

Step 3 - What wou—wait…there's no Step 3!

HA! We fooled you. There's nothing for you to do here! Just sit back and relax, knowing that you've worked smarter—not harder. Think of all the stress and time you've saved!

Mount Finder Panel - Best Choice Spacer (25px wide)

Your Best Choice

What you will see though is your Best Choice. Based on your TV, desired function, and the lowest price; your Best Choice is going to be the right mount for you—no question. From here, it’s easy to add it to your Shopping Cart and you’re done!

You can double-check your specs against your TV confirmation in panel one and even look at some alternate functions by clicking around in panel two.

There are also some other options available to you, such as finding out more about your Best Choice with "MORE INFO ON YOUR BEST CHOICE", or even seeing the other mounting options you have that will still work for your TV with "VIEW ALTERNATE MOUNT CHOICES."

Still need help?

Remember, the Vantage Point: Best Choice Mount Finder may be streamlined and easy, but if you ever need help, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or call us at (888) TV.MOUNT. We've been doing this for a long time and have people on-hand to assist you if you ever have any questions. We strive to make sure that you're always satisfied and confident when mounting Vantage Point mounts, and our friendly Customer Service Team is the best out there.