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TV Hole Pattern

What is VESA®?

VESA®, or the Video Electronics Standard Association, has established a set of guidelines for televisions' mounting hole patterns—measured in millimeters from the centers of the holes, usually in 100mm increments.

Although VESA® is very recognized, its standards are not law. Manufacturers tend to follow the guidelines, but not universally (even within a brand of TVs, some may be VESA® compliant, some may not).

Here's a chart that shows the dimensions for measuring your TV's hole pattern, as well as some of the most standard VESA® TV hole patterns:

Hole Pattern Diagram

Be careful when searching for a mount, the “VESA® Compatible” claim can be a little loosely interpreted. The dimensions above will apply to about 95% of displays out there (VESA® or not), but there are “wacky” TVs in circulation (that's a major reason that our mounts hit a variety of hole patterns).

Measure Your Hole Pattern

Measuring your TV’s hole pattern can be tricky, especially since the standards are in millimeters instead of inches.

Some things to remember when measuring are:

  • Measure from the centers of the holes
  • Measure from the furthest 4 corners holes (if there are more than 4 holes)
  • Be aware of any curve on the back of the TV that would affect mounting

Here’s a good “cheat-sheet” when measuring using inches—odds are good if your measurement is close to the ones listed here, it’s a good bet that’s going to be your VESA® standard measurement.

VESA Inches Chart

With this information and your TV’s approximate weight, you’re ready to easily enter your specific TV information into the Best Choice Mount Finder (perfect if you don’t know/remember your TV’s Make and Model #), or just find the right mount for your TV on you own.

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Another Option

Have you searched for your TV in our Best Choice Mount Finder? Our database of thousands of TVs grows by the day. If we have your TV listed, then we have your weight and hole pattern already! Take a look and see if the hard work's already been done for you!