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TV Weight

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TV weight is the first step in getting your TV mounted. With this information, you can determine the right range of mounts that will fit your needs. If you’re having trouble determining your TV’s weight or can't find your model on the TV manufacturer's website, here are a couple of alternative ideas to putting it on a scale or digging up old manuals or spec sheets.

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Your Easiest Bet

Check out our Best Choice Mount Finder. There’s a database of TV’s with the weights and hole patterns already to go, so you don’t need to know anything more than your Model #. However, the TV market is always changing and growing, so if your model isn’t there, try these tips out and enter the weight range into the Easy Measure option.

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Check online shopping sites

E-commerce sites like are typically a great resource for finding your TV’s weight. Look up your model and there’s a good likelyhood that when you find it, the TV’s weight will be there in the specs as well.

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If all else fails...

Try ballparking your TV’s weight by looking even at the shipping weight if that data’s available. Besides the stand, “non-TV” items are going to be low weight items like a remote and a cable or two, this will at least get you in the right frame of mind for the weight loads that your mount will need to be prepared for.