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About Mounting

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Mounting 101 - The Basics

The Hierarchy!

Getting the perfect mount for your TV can really be boiled down to three basic aspects: TV Weight, TV Hole Pattern, and Mount Function. When you become aware of these three elements, the rest is easy.

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1. TV Weight

The weight of your TV is going to be the first thing you should be aware of when picking a mount. Though usually easy to find, there are a few other helpful tips or tricks if you're having a hard time finding your TV's Weight.

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2. TV Hole Pattern

The other crucial bit of information for mount selection, this can be a little trickier. Most are VESA® standard hole patterns, but there are a lot of wild cards.

Learn more about finding your TV’s Hole Pattern and how to measure it yourself.

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3. Mount Functions

Once you know your TV, it’s all up to what you want it to do. Mounts offer a variety of functions, each with their own specific benefit and intended use, and can be explored deeper in our Mount Functions section.

Note: Screen size can be a tricky number to judge your mount size off of. We've recently reworked our entire offering to guarantee that the recommended screen sizes of our different mount sizes fit over 99% of the TV's in their range. It's impossible to account for every TV from every manufacturer, but we've been working hard to make the decision as easy as possible for you. However, we can't vouch for other mount manufactures. If you want to make sure your mount will fit with any mount, check that the weight and the hole pattern are correct—those are the specs that truly matter.


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Let us do the hard work for you.

Our Best Choice Mount Finder is a revolutionary new tool for helping you find the right mount for your specific TV. It takes all the work out of the process and drops you right at your ideal mount. There’s no easier way to make sure you have the right mount for the job!

The one perfect mount, every time. Don’t waste time and find your Best Choice!