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About Mounting

welcome to mounting university

The right mount, for your TV,
as easy as "1, 2, 3"

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Tools you'll need:

Concrete Tools

Pick A Location Spacer (25px wide)

Step 1

Pick your spot (on concrete, that's wherever you'd like it to be…)

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Mark Holes (Concrete) Spacer (25px wide)

Step 2

Find the pattern on your mount for the drill holes, and drill your pilot holes using a concrete/masonry drill bit and preferably an impact drill.

  • USE EYE PROTECTION! Seriously…
  • Be careful that rocks in the concrete deflecting your drilling
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Hammer In Anchors Spacer (25px wide)

Step 3

Tap in your anchors, flush to the wall.

Spacer (25px wide) Spacer (25px wide) Spacer (25px wide)
Screw In (Concrete) Spacer (25px wide)

Step 4

Screw on your mount. Done!

  • Don't over-tighten here, you could pull out the anchors! Use a regular screwdriver for safest results.


Still need help?

If you're still not sure on just how to get your TV up, or if you need a specific question answered, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or call us at (888) TV.MOUNT. We've been doing this for a long time and have people on-hand to assist you if you ever have any questions. We strive to make sure that you're always satisfied and confident when mounting Vantage Point mounts, and our friendly Customer Service Team is the best out there.