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About Mounting

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Dry Wall (Wood or Metal Stud)


Tools you'll need:

Dry Wall Tools

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Step 1

Find your stud location(s) and mark the CENTER of the stud(s). If you're not sure, find both edges and mark the middle!

  • Typically, studs are 1.75 inches wide
  • About 95% of the time your stud will be spaced 16" apart. Otherwise, look for 18" or 24" spacing
  • Finding your studs in Lathe and Plaster, as well as Exterior Stucco, will be more difficult due to the walls' density
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Step 2

Find the pattern on your mount for the drill holes, and drill your pilot holes. For height, check out the TV Positioning section. 

  • CAUTION: If you hit a metal plate on a wood stud, STOP! They're usually there to protect water or electrical lines!
  • For Metal Studs, try a special bit like Uni-Bit, and confirm the hole size needed for your anchors before drilling
  • Also for Metal Studs, watch for screws. Don't try to drill through them—just back them out and then keep drilling
  • On Lathe and Plaster, watch that the wire mesh doesn't affect the accuracy of your drilling
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Step 3

Screw on your mount. Done!

  • If you're having a REALLY hard time (older houses, hardwood studs), try rubbing some bar soap or candle wax on your screws!
  • For Metal Studs, be sure you use Toggler™ Bolts with the correct screws (not included in most mounts)


Still need help?

If you're still not sure on just how to get your TV up, or if you need a specific question answered, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or call us at (888) TV.MOUNT. We've been doing this for a long time and have people on-hand to assist you if you ever have any questions. We strive to make sure that you're always satisfied and confident when mounting Vantage Point mounts, and our friendly Customer Service Team is the best out there.