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Wire and Cable Management

Ah, what a beautiful, clean installation. That TV looks great up on the wall—but wait! As soon as you go to plug it all in you realize the biggest frustration in mounting…what to do with all those wires! Have no fear, because we’ll look at what you’ll run into, what they all mean, and how to tackle all of your wiriing needs.

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Know Your Cables and Wires

Sun Tzu's The Art of War was right. Know your enemy. Take a  look at our easy cable guide to learn the ropes of what cables you’ll run into when setting up a home theater, as well as what they all do and how they compare to each other.

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Cable Cheat Sheet

Going to get some cables for your new or current set-up? Use this handy sheet to plan and shop like a pro for video and audio cables. Print this out to help make sure that you get everything you need if you make a cable run (and not have to worry about returning in shame for a cable you forgot…).

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How To Hide Wiring

Wire Covers, cutting into the wall, or the evo system™ are the going to be the best and most common method to hiding your wiring. We'll take a look at the Pros and Cons of every option and get some insight into what needs to happen to make a successful installation.