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Mounting To Different Wall Types

You’re mounting to a wall, but what kind? Each type of wall has a different technique for mounting to it. Let’s explore some of the most common mounting situations and what we’ll need to mount successfully to them. Also, if your wall type isn’t covered here, or if you have any additional questions, we’re always ready to help—Contact Us or call us at (888) TV.MOUNT.

Surface_Wood-MetalStud_Thumb.jpg Spacer (25px wide)

Dry Wall, Lathe and Plaster

  • Contain studs (wood or metal)
  • Most common wall type for mounting
  • Dry Wall is like a powder when drilled, Lathe and Plaster is more granular
Surface_Concrete_Thumb.jpg Spacer (25px wide)


  • No studs
  • Typical for support pillars and commercial locations
  • Look for surface-mounted wiring and electrical
  • Harder to drill than Cinder/Hollow Block
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Brick and Masonry

  • No studs
  • Determine if it's full brick, or just a facade
  • Usually red or clay color when drilled into
  • Softer than Concrete or Cinder/Hollow Block
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Cinder Block / Hollow Block

  • No studs
  • Large blocks (bigger than Brick)
  • Grainy or porous appearance
  • May be surface-coated, most likely smooth Stucco
  • Drills easier than Concrete

Note: Do you still have a question about mounting or don't see your wall type here? Well, that's why we have a toll free # to call! Speak to a professional at (888) TV.MOUNT, and we'll make sure that your installation is the best possible!