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Typical Tools For Mounting

Here are the typical tools you’ll need to make sure you have on hand when you’re ready to mount. Everything else beyond this basic set of materials will typically be provided by your mount manufacturer (we can’t speak for everyone, but anything outside of this basic set, like specific allen wrenches, drill bits…will always be provided for you in Vantage Point mounts).

Typical Tools

The drill and bits are going to be the most used. The only thing to take into consideration before you mount is to make sure that your drill bits fit your needs, dependent on the surface you’re mounting to.

Also, your stud finder should be ready for your stud type, either wood or steel.

For your level, feel free to go bubble or laser, it’s up to you. The level is vital for installing the mount to the wall. When you're finalizing your level, odds are you’ll want to level it visually to your room, like you would a picture on the wall, for the most natural results (this can be more easily obtained with mounts that have Level functionality that incorporate de-rotation leveling).

Tip: When drilling into your wall, attach a sandwich bag under the drilling spot with some blue painters' tape. The bag will catch the dust and debris coming out from the drilling and will save you a good bit of clean-up.