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About Mounting

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How To Mount


Since you know how to find a mount, let’s dig a little deeper into what to do with it. We’ll discuss everything from where to put your TV, to what to do with it once it’s up. Also, now’s a great time to learn what to watch for when you’re ready to mount, including tools you’ll need and surfaces you’ll mount to.

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TV Positioning

There’s a sweet science to positioning your TV in your room. This will also greatly affect the type of Mount Function you’ll need. Learn the ropes for vertical, horizontal, and rotational positioning to find your ideal spot in your space for your TV.

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Typical Tools

Take a peak at the stuff you’ll typically need to help you get that flat panel TV on the wall, as well as a couple of pointers and tricks to use while doing it.

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Mounting To Different Wall Types

When is a wall, not a wall? Well, depends what type of wall it is. The perfect guide to learning the quirks of mounting to a variety of surfaces and wall types.

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Wire Management

So your TV is up, it’s beautiful, and…it’s dripping with cabling. There are a lot of different ways to fix this common problem, so don’t you worry.