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About Mounting

welcome to mounting university

The right mount, for your TV,
as easy as "1, 2, 3"

Your Best Choice

Mounting University

Welcome to Vantage Point's Mounting University (or Mount U for short!). We've gone through great lengths to make sure all the information has been broken down for easy digesting. We'll teach you how to find your perfect mount, how to put it up, and how to make sure everything else in your home theater looks and sounds just as good!


Explore these sections for great tips and information:


Mounting 101 - The Basics Spacer (25px wide)

Mounting 101 - The Basics

The core foundation of mounting knowledge.

Learn the ins and outs of what you need to know before selecting the best mount for your TV and need, including how to determine your TV’s hole pattern.

Learn all about mounting >

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How To Mount Spacer (25px wide)

How To Mount

You know what you need. Now how to do it!

The easiest online guide to mounting. Learn about mounting locations and TV postitioning, the typical tools you’ll need for the job, how to mount to various wall types, and what to do with all of those leftover wires.

Get your stuff on the wall >

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Completing Your Home Theater Spacer (25px wide)

Completing Your Home Theater

Everything else, for the perfect installation.

Ready to tackle the big job? From determining the right type of solution to a run down of all the factors to consider, we’re right there with you.

We'll cover all your viewing experience, including component and speaker solutions.

Create your masterwork >