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Introducing Alloy mounting solutions for iPad

Sturdy, all-metal mounting solutions for iPad

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February 28, 2011

Author - Don Burns Spacer (25px wide)

Vantage Point introduces it’s Alloy line of iPad Stands and Mounts, designed for dedicated uses where iPads are installed as information portals, entertainment equipment, interface screens, or control devices, and are not intended to be on-the-go. This line of dedicated stands and mounts provides solid installation for iPads, while offering options such as 90 degree rotation for landscape and portrait viewing, and generous ranges of tilt and pan movement. By substituting tamper proof hardware and adding a laptop lock, these mounts can provide security for iPads as well. Vantage Point’s iPad Mounting Solutions are a natural extension of over 24 plus years of mounting experience and design capabilities.

Dedicated applications for the iPad are rapidly emerging as the iPad replaces previous touch screen technology, small format video screens, and interactive marketing and sales devices. iPad applications in Home Automation, Education, Trade Show Marketing, Retail Environments, Information Kiosks, Registration Counters, and a myriad of emerging market uses, require a mounting solution for the iPad that is solid, durable, and capable of securing the iPad from theft. With six models in the line, Vantage Point covers a wide range of iPad installation scenarios.

iPad Alloy Group
iPad Alloy Family
(from left: Pan Mount, Rotation Holder, Flat Mount, Swing Mount, Stand, Holder)

iPad Holder
The Holder is an all aluminum iPad frame and bezel that is the backbone of Vantage Point’s Alloy line. This two-piece set securely captures the iPad while still showcasing the device. Shipped with thumbscrews for easy installation, this iPad holder can be attached directly to any surface in landscape or portrait orientation, with the whole installation being only 1” from the wall. The Frame is compatible with standard J-box hole-patterns and is VESA 100mm compatible, making it the perfect interface to any existing monitor mounts. Change out the thumbscrews to tamper proof screws and attach any standard laptop lock to the Kensington slot on the back, and your iPad is theft proof. A central pass-through in the Frame allows for through-wiring, and is standard on all mounts (even mounts with 90 degree rotation).

iPad Rotate Holder
We add 90 degrees of rotation with the addition of a second aluminum plate on the iPad holder. The distance from the wall is only 1.6” and while retaining all the features of the iPad Holder.

iPad Flat Mount
For easier installation we have created a two-piece wall plate for the Flat.  Whether mounted vertical or horizontal, the iPad Flat Mount can be mounted to any surface, is J-box compatible, and features 90 degrees of rotation. The entire mount only extends 1.8” off the mounting surface. 

iPad Pan Mount
The iPad Pan Mount offers the additional features of smooth tilt and side-to-side movement, while still featuring 90 degrees of rotation. The iPad Pan Mount extends 4.75” from the mounting surface and is constructed of die cast aluminum. 

iPad Swing Mount
The iPad Swing Mount is the most versatile mount in the line. Featuring a 6” swing arm, this mount allows full directional movement of the iPad and can be mounted under cabinet or on a counter top. Featuring smooth tilt and side-to side movement, 90 degrees of rotation, and up to 10.75” of extension from the mounting surface, this mount is extremely functional and flexible.

iPad Stand
Vantage Point’s iPad Stand is a valuable part of the product line. Constructed with a sturdy steel base and aluminum iPad Holder, the Stand weighs in at approximately 5 lbs. The Stand offers exceptional stability, while still offering 180 degrees of smooth tilt and 90 degrees of rotation and through wiring. With the addition of tamper proof hardware and a laptop lock, this stand is a great solution for counter top use in a public space.

Prices and Availability
Retail prices range from $75.00 to $150.00. All products are shipping now.

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Press 20110228 - Alloy for iPad (PDF)

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