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Introducing Beanpad for iPad

The must-have iPad accessory for the holidays

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October 19, 2011

Author - Don Burns Spacer (25px wide)

Beanpad Header
Since iPad was introduced we have seen many new and creative accessories come and go. Our research has indicated that the “stand” category did not perform as well at retail as many people believed it would. Why is this? Most early adopters were the on-the-go individuals, utilizing Apple’s iPad Easel or Smart cover for many applications including travel. The other fact is that most stands require a hard flat surface to function properly. The iPad has freed people from desks and tables and allowed them to comfortably work and play on the couch, easy chair, bed, car, plane, etc. but typically still holding the iPad with one hand.

We have seen the appetite for apps grow at a feverish pace, thereby creating use scenarios that may never have been imagined before. Who could predict the number of housewives that would be playing Angry Birds on their iPads while enjoying a cup of coffee, or how many of us play Words With Friends to pass the time anywhere we are. Apple themselves admits to being surprised at the effect the iPad has had in many markets. It is clear that we will continue to see the use of the iPad expand into many areas and draw individuals to it like bugs to light.

Looking past the on-the-go user, there are an ever-increasing number of home computers being replaced by iPads—often times the family’s second iPad purchase. A shared iPad for home computing is quickly becoming the norm for families. These iPads don’t need to travel the way the early adopters used them and if they do, it may be in the car for the kids to play games or the driver to use for navigation. With that said the Beanpad is the perfect accessory to a homebound iPad. Unlike a normal stand Beanpad can go anywhere, including a car. Our research shows that once the Beanpad is attached to the iPad it rarely comes off.

Prices and Availability
Beanpad retails for $60.00 and all colors are now shipping. Currently available for iPad only, new versions supporting other Tablets are in development.

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Press 20111019 - Beanpad (DOC)

Press 20111019 - Beanpad (PDF)

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